Frequently Asked Questions

I own a vacation home in Vancouver, why do I need Silverfern to check on it?

Some insurance policies will be voided if regular inspections are not conducted while you are away. Many problems can occur from theft, vandalism, infestations, mold, water leaks, or damage that may occur as a result of a malfunctioning system. Having a person check on your home will help to ensure that your insurance policy remains effective and valid should something go wrong and gives you peace of mind. You have the assurance that a professional is looking after your home. If an issue is found you will be notified with a cost effective solution to your problem that will be handled immediately.

How does hiring Silverfern benefit me as a home owner?

We are truly a single source solution for maintaining your home and assets. We take care of all the maintenance that is required around your home that should be performed year round to retain the value of your home or assets. The time it takes to coordinate contractors and fix problems could be spent on things you enjoy with your friends and family, on work responsibilities, or on other priorities . Michael comes with a wealth of knowledge and can identify items around a home that need to fixed or repaired.

You mentioned that you handle jobs not matter how obscure. What do you mean?

Two examples are getting a heat stain out from a wood table and refluffing flatened carpet that furniture was on.

I am looking to renovate my house, do you perform this type of work?

Silverfern can manage and supervise the renovation of your house or yard by coordinating the contractors who would perform this work. We specialize in smaller scale projects and maintenance. What sets Silverfern apart is that we have the experience performing renovations and can help offer contractor evaluation and supervison. We also are able to monitor the contractors schedule and payments for you to make sure the project is completed on time and on budget.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes. All client names are kept confidential and are not published anywhere. We work with the upmost discretion and look forward to building a trusting relationship with you.

Are you available outside of your regular working hours?

Yes. An additional service charge would be applied.

What areas do you service?

Currently we service West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Deep Cove, Downtown, Shaughnessy, UBC, and South West Marine Drive. If you would like us to look at a property you own anywhere else as well as vacation homes you own we will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Do you only service detached homes?

I am able to service homes and condos, whether it be your primary residence or vacation property. Condo's with patios, outdoor spaces, garages, and the insides also have maintenance needs that I am able to look at.